Box #1

We’re excited to share what to expect for the first Little Loving Hands box!

Have you ever been approached for money by a person who is homeless and wondered how to have a conversation about this situation with the kids in your lives? We have. Figuring out how to talk about tough topics with kids is not easy. Little Loving Hands is here to help.

For our first box, the kids in your lives will receive a craft and accompanying story to teach kindness towards people who are homeless. Each box includes materials and easy instructions for the kids in your lives to handmake a scarf. We also included prepaid packaging for your child to send the finished scarf to Little Loving Hands to donate to a homeless shelter. You’ll find an adorable Little Loving Hands apron, pin for completing the project, and story to make homelessness relatable and not scary.


We think it's a great way to kick-off the year of learning kindness & empathy.  We're in this together!