Box #2


We’re excited to share what to expect for the second Little Loving Hands box!

We believe that kindness starts at home.  But let’s face it: sometimes life gets busy.  It’s helpful to have a gentle reminder of how easy it is to practice kindness.

For our second Little Loving Hands box, children will make a kindness centerpiece. The centerpiece is an adorable container that the child in your life decorates. You could start thinking now about a central spot in your home to put the kindness centerpiece!

With the child in your life, you’ll brainstorm kind deeds to do and write them on the good deed sticks that go inside the kindness centerpiece. Each day (or week!), invite family members to pull a kindness deed from the centerpiece and then do that deed for someone. Children can share their kindness experiences during dinner. We bet that other family members will want to get involved when they see how fun and meaningful kindness can be!