About Us

Little Loving Hands was founded by Lily Yeh, a mom of 2 who wanted to teach her children how to give back.  After successfully running the company for several years, Lily handed operations to Carrie Rich and Jen Pollard, both moms who care passionately about teaching kids kindness.  

We are honored to be a mom-led business committed to teaching kids kindness. We are on a shared mission with you to help kids develop their kindness and empathy in this crazy world!
We know that kids today are busy.  And so are you.  We want our craft boxes to be a joyful addition to your lives, not a burden.  As a result, we offer an annual subscription that includes 6 boxes throughout the year.  Little Loving Hands boxes focus on teaching kids kindness in the world, in their communities, in their home, and to themselves.  Most completed crafts will be sent to a charity through a pre-paid envelope provided by Little Loving Hands. Select crafts will focus on kindness at home and are for the child to keep.
We are so very excited to start this journey with you and the kids in your lives!